New Standards for Africa Development and Sustainability (NSADAS) is a pioneering NGO dedicated to driving sustainable progress in Sub-Saharan Africa. We tackle economic, political, and social challenges by promoting transparent governance, fostering economic growth through trade and industry, and addressing critical issues like environmental degradation and cultural preservation. Our mission is to raise awareness, publish insightful research, and mobilize global volunteers and resources to implement effective solutions. Join us in creating a brighter, sustainable future for Africa.



Transforming Africa: Leadership Rooted in Peace and Progress

Our founder, a distinguished Cameroonian with a PhD in Conflict and Resolutions, has dedicated his life to fostering peace and sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa. His extensive academic background and hands-on experience in conflict resolution have equipped him with a profound understanding of the region’s challenges and the strategic insights needed to address them. Driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of African communities, he established NSADAS to create a platform for meaningful change, leveraging his expertise to promote transparent governance, economic growth, and social well-being. His visionary leadership continues to inspire and guide our mission towards a brighter, sustainable future for Africa.

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Join us in our mission to drive sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa by participating in our upcoming events. These gatherings provide a platform for thought leaders, activists, and community members to collaborate on innovative solutions to economic, political, and social challenges. Engage with experts, contribute your ideas, and become a vital part of the movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa. Stay tuned for event details and find out how you can get involved!



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Frequently Asked Questions.

NSADAS stands for New Standards for Africa Development and Sustainability. We are an NGO dedicated to advancing development and sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa through addressing economic, political, and social challenges.

NSADAS focuses on three key domains: Economic (governance, production and trade, currency, and economic development), Political (governance, elections, conflict resolution, infrastructural development), and Social (well-being, environmental degradation, climate change, heritage and cultural preservation).

NSADAS provides educational support, vocational training, conflict resolution initiatives, and programs aimed at improving governance, economic conditions, and social well-being in Sub-Saharan Africa.

NSADAS offers vocational training in various fields such as tailoring, carpentry, welding, hairdressing, baking, and more. These programs are designed to equip individuals with practical skills to support themselves and their families.


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